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Long Island Emergency Drain Cleaning Service

Insured & Licensed Long Island Plumbing Service & Toilet Snaking

Providing Emergency Plumbing Repairs by a Local Long Island Licensed Plumber!

Don’t be fooled by many of the non-licensed drain cleaners servicing your area. When you have a clogged drain you can be assured that AWS is licensed and insured when servicing your home or business!

Long Island Clogged Drain Cleaning Services


Long Island for drain cleaning services, and all of Nassau, Suffolk County and Queens New York.

We are certified in Long Island to analyze, correct, and maintain your drainage system to its best potential.
We have qualified technicians available in Nassau, Suffolk, and Queens Counties to help resolve either a clogged or slow moving drain. We will analyze, correct, and maintain your drainage system.

  • We listen to your concerns. What symptoms have you noticed about your clogged drain?
  • We will analyze and estimate the work involved.
  • We will present several solution scenarios to accommodate your budget.
  • We will accommodate your schedule to start, work, and complete any repair and maintenance.
  • Did you incur damage as a result of your drain blockage? AWS will advise you on all the appropriate actions to maintain a safe and healthy environment for your family.

Types of Drain Cleaning Services

Emergency Services Available 24/7

  • Electrically clean main sewer blockage
  • Kitchen drain cleaning
  • Dishwasher drain cleaning
  • Toilet drain cleaning
  • Tub drain cleaning
  • Floor drain cleaning
  • Basement drain cleaning
  • Bathtub drain cleaning
  • Sink drain cleaning
  • Clogged drain cleaning
  • Sewer drain cleaning
  • Shower drain cleaning

Some of the potential problems that can cause drainage and sewer problems are:

  • Old clay drainage pipes suffering cracks and root intrusion.
  • Old cast pipes with countless years of build-up from corrosion or sediment causing blockage or sluggish drainage.
  • Other natural events that might have provoked an interruption in the drainage system, such as super-saturated water, an earthquake or tremor, water or gas main rupture, etc.
  • Construction at neighboring locations that conflict with your drainage system.
  • Improper installation of piping or plumbing fixtures.

Some of the potential solutions that we can offer to correct your drainage and sewer problems may include:

  • Inserting an auger with camera to get an eye on the problem to better analyze it.
  • High power pressure wash to flush stubborn debris and solids from the waste line to communal drainage line.
  • Electrically snake line to remove roots that have established themselves over time creating blockage.
  • Replace ruptured pipes with current improved materials that are industry guaranteed.
  • Call now to see what options are right for you! 516-889-1900

Sewer & Water Main Installation

Does your sewer line need constant maintenance?  Many residents have problems with roots or cracked sewer lines.  We can easily diagnose and replace such sewer lines.  Call to have your drain line cleaned, repaired, or replaced.

Water Pressure Problems?

Does your home have low water pressure? Are your water bills higher than usual?  Call AWS Plumbing, Heating, & Cooling to diagnose your problems and provide you with the most cost-efficient solutions!


Whether your drainage system was built in this century or the previous one, our skilled team is certified to analyze and correct the variety of drainage headaches that are associated with it. Our professionals will guide you through the maintenance process so you fully understand how your drainage system operates. We stand by our work, and we strive to make our company the benchmark of the Long Island's drainage maintenance market.


With our renowned experience in a wide range of drainage system repairs, we guarantee our work will be done efficiently and with all due expertise, so you can immediately reap the return on your investment. We will repair your system with industry-certified parts and practices, knowing that our company is built on the quality upon which our customers depend. Our service is available 24/7, around the clock. Our well-trained professionals will also arrive at your location in a timely manner in a clean uniform and with a fully stocked vehicle. They will also leave the site clean, removing all materials and refuse they created during the repair. Warranties vary with stoppages on a case by case basis. Ask the technician when he arrives.

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