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Nassau County Heating and Cooling Service Contracts

Insured & Licensed Nassau County Heating Service Repair Contracts

Providing Emergency Heating Repairs by a Local Plumber!

Heating Service Contracts

Types of Heating Service Contracts:
  • Annual Heating Service Agreement
  • Annual Cooling Service Agreement
  • Annual Cooling & Heating Service Agreement
  • *5 Year Insurance Plan for Any Boiler
  • *5 Year Insurance on Any Ductless (Mini) Split Unit
  • *5 Year Insurance on Any Central Air System Unit
  • *10 Year Insurance on Any Ductless (Mini) Split Unit
  • *10 Year Insurance Plan for Any Boiler
  • *10 Year Insurance on Any Central Air System Unit
  • Call for Information and Details: 516-889-1900

    *5 & 10 Year Plans are Contingent on the Installation Date

Things to Remember

Can you afford NOT to have a service contract to safeguard your heating system? You automatically qualify for priority service, with other bonuses such as: an annual tune-up to your heating system, our 35-point heating system checklist, and you are never billed you for a trip or labor charge. Our checklist system means that you will be financially safeguarded against untimely and costly repairs.

All our customers receive our 24/7 service, which built our family-owned company:
  • You’ll find that we are competitively priced.
  • That our vans are fully stocked, meaning that we accomplish your heating system repair in short order.
  • We include free emergency valve tags for easy identification.

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Nassau County Gas Leak Detection
AWS Plumbing & Heating technicians are qualified and equipped to detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide, natural gas, LP, or Kerosene in the air.
An annual service contract will ensure proper functioning of your heating equipment, and a safe environment for you and your family.

Here are the benefits we will deliver once you engage in our services, to resolve your heating system concerns:
  1. Receive priority over all other customers
  2. Receive an annual tune-up of boiler and water heater
  3. Prompt service - we’re here for our customers 24/7
  4. Speedy Repairs - our service vans are loaded with inventory so that we can quickly repair most problems
  5. Competitively priced
  6. Family business with whom you can develop a relationship; not a new technician every time you have a problem
  7. Exacting 35-point heating system tune-up: Financially safeguards you against untimely and costly repairs
  8. Customized to suit your budget
  9. Extends the functionality of your system
  10. Never a trip charge
  11. Free emergency valve tags included
  12. Transferable agreement adds property value and shows equipment maintenance record
  13. No charge for labor on your boiler repairs
  14. Same day replacement service on most new equipment
  15. Discounted service contract with the best trained crew
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