Ice on pipes

‘Tis The Season of Frozen Pipes

The winds have picked up and the flurries are falling, which means Jack Frost has arrived for the season. Iciness is spreading across the roads, we’re keeping an eye out for falling icicles, and we need to prepare our homes in case of a bad winter storm. During this prep, make sure you don’t forget to winterize your pipes!

How Pipes Freeze

Wind chill is a very common cause of pipe bursts. If a section of your pipes is unheated, even indoors, it’s very easy for that wind to creep in and cause problems. As the temperature drops, water is bound to freeze, and as it does, it will expand. When pipe water freezes, it will put pressure on the rest of the pipe, making a section burst, and most often, causing a flood.

What to do if Your Pipes Freeze

If you find yourself in this situation, start by turning on the faucet. The steady stream will help the frozen water in your pipes to melt faster. To help thaw the pipes you can’t see, turn up the temperature on your thermostat. If the pipe is exposed, speed up the process with a space heater, warm, damp towels, or a hairdryer on the affected section.

As the ice thaws, your water pressure will begin to return to normal, as well as your pipe temperature!

How to Prevent Freezing

Now that you’ve learned how to fix your frozen pipes, you should get to preventing them!

  • Insulate Pipes - This is the most effective way to prevent freezing! Supplies are relatively inexpensive at the hardware store, and if it’s an emergency, use duct tape and newspaper!
  • Keep the Garage Closed - This will keep water supply lines protected from the extra wind chill.
  • Consistent Temperatures - Keep your thermostat as consistent as you can throughout the day, even when you’re not home.

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