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Mini-split systems are becoming a popular method for people to use to cool and heat their homes. Developed and perfected by the engineers at Fujitsu, these ductless heating and cooling systems efficiently regulate the temperatures of homes and offices for both hot and cold temperatures. The mini-split is built with two major units that are connected to each other through pipes and tubing. Installation is a breeze, with one of the units installed on the inside wall of the home or office building and the other unit installed against the outside wall, making the need for ductwork and crawlspace supports obsolete.

AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is proud to be one of the leading providers of Fujitsu ductless mini-split systems in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Whether you need a new heating and air system for a new addition or a home that has no ductwork, reach out to our team. We can provide you with a free installation estimate and explain the benefits you can expect from a ductless mini-split system. We are also a member of the LIPA Cool Homes Program, so you may qualify for any LIPA rebates that are available.

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How Mini-Split Systems Work

These units are a very smart move when planning an upgrade to your heating or cooling system. The outside unit or condenser takes in air from the outside of the structure and blows it through the refrigerant line and tubing to the indoor unit, which then blows the now-cooled (or -heated) air into the room. During the winter, the refrigeration process of the mini-split system reverses to blow heat, saving you money on your heat and oil bills. These units may be the perfect solution based on your individual need.

When thinking about switching from conventional AC systems or wall units to a ductless air conditioning or a central air conditioning system, choosing a knowledgeable and experienced HVAC company like AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can make a huge difference.

There are many things that will impact your decision to install a mini-split system, including:

  • Space where you are installing the mini-split system
  • The sanitary conditions
  • Available tax rebates
  • If this is a multi-room application
  • Zoning capabilities
  • Noise level
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Installation time
  • Whether you need the system in a newly constructed room or an existing structure

Our heating and cooling experts can answer all these questions and more. When you choose our team as your installers, we will make sure that you have all the information you need before we proceed with the installation.

Carrier ductless mini split air conditioning system

Benefits of Ductless Mini-Split Systems

  • Ductless air conditioning units are so efficient that you will still save more money than if you installed even the most efficient traditional wall AC unit.
  • Mini-split systems have a built-in thermometer that measures the temperature based on the air the unit processes, ensuring your utmost comfort.
  • Ductless mini splits give you more control over which rooms you choose to heat and cool, and when. That means no more energy wasted on air conditioning an empty room!
  • Mini-splits are a convenient way to heat and cool garages, sunrooms, workshops, and older homes with no ductwork.

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AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling has a proven track record of delivering high-quality proposals with a positive work ethic. We are a family-owned business that uses only the best products, so you get the best service at the best possible price. We will provide the ultimate cooling system to make sure you are comfortable in your home or office. After calling one of home comfort specialists, we will provide a free walk-through and will give you a proposal based on your needs. We will examine your space, room by room, and design the perfect system that will work best for you. We can maximize each room and zone accordingly.

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