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Living Without a Garbage Disposal

No Garbage Disposal? No Problem.

Not every home is equipped with the luxury of a garbage disposal to grind up leftover dinner scraps. This may not be a bad thing, however!

Garbage disposals, while convenient, can also increase water consumption and the likelihood of clogs in your pipes. Still, if you’re feeling the no-garbage-disposal-blues, here are some tips for living without one.

3 Tips for Life Without a Garbage Disposal

1. Care for Your Drains

Since you don’t have the help of a garbage disposal to catch the miscellaneous scraps as you rinse off your plate, you’ll need another way to keep food from gathering and clogging your pipes. A great solution is to buy a food strainer! This piece lives in your drain opening and will catch all the gunk.

Of course, accidents happen and grease and bits of food can slip through. This is why it’s important to occasionally clean your drain by sprinkling baking soda down it, followed by vinegar. Then, flush with hot water. Professional, regular drain cleanings are also recommended.

2. Use Your Garbage Can

The trash can will be your best friend! While a lot of leftovers in your garbage can attract flies and other pests, scraping your leftovers into the garbage is perfectly okay right after a meal.

Just be sure to take the garbage out often to avoid smells or pests!

3. Learn to Compost

If you’d like to go green with some of your leftovers, consider starting to compost! Composting reduces your trash, is something to get the whole family involved in, and is pretty easy to do! Purchase a composting bin or designate an area in your yard for the pile and begin!

Some things you’re able to compost are:

  • Onion, apple, banana, and potato peels
  • Coffee grounds
  • Tea bags

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