Fixing a water leak

How to Get Ahead of Hidden Leaks Before They Cause Major Damage

While some water leaks are obvious, others hide behind cupboards and under floors where they cause issues for months before being detected -- and by then, it will be too late. Even a small drip under the concrete foundation of your home can cause thousands of dollars of water damage if left untreated.

Using these two essential tips, you can discover any water leaks in your home before they become major problems.

Read Your Meter

If your most recent water bill cause you cause for concern, read your water meter to determine if you have an undetected leak.

  • Find your meter. Your water meter is typically near the curb in front of your home. Remove the lid -- it probably says WATER -- with a screwdriver.

  • Jot down the reading on the water meter.

  • Stop using water for about two hours.

  • Read the meter again. If you have a different reading, then your leak suspicions are confirmed.

The next step is to contact a qualified plumber to pinpoint the location of the leak and fix it.

Install a Leak Detection System

The most accurate way to check for home water leaks is to install the Phyn Water Monitoring System. This system monitors the water pressure in your pipes to check for changes. Not only can it detect leaks, but also it can let you know if you are using more water than usual or if you left a faucet on in your home.

While knowing the common signs of a water leak is important for safeguarding your home, the most accurate option is a professional leak detection system, such as the model made by Phyn. These systems can save your home from thousands of dollars of damage while keeping your water bill as low as it should be. The sophisticated Phyn system can give you confidence that all is working well even when you cannot see your home’s pipes and will notify you of potential problems as they occur.

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