Man inspecting a water heater

Water Heaters 101

The water heater is the most used appliance in your home. However, most people do not think about this appliance until something goes wrong. Understanding the basics of water heating systems will help you make the most practical choice for your home when it comes time to repair or replace this unit.

Different Types of Water Heaters

The U.S. Department of Energy outlines several different types of water heaters, including the following:

  • Storage water heaters store between 40 and 60 gallons of water hot water. It heats the water continuously in a large tank so that it’s ready when you need it.
  • Tankless water heaters are a modern replacement for tank heaters and heat water on-demand to accommodate larger families and those with limited space. Because tankless water heaters do not heat water until it is needed, they are usually much more energy-efficient than comparable tank water heating systems.
  • Solar water heaters put the power of the sun's rays to work to heat water in a natural and efficient way.
  • If you need to replace your current system, these are three of the options available to you.

The Right Size for Your Home and Family

If you opt for a tank water heater, your local plumbing company can help you to determine the appropriate size for your family and your needs. In general, a 60-gallon tank heater will provide enough hot water for two to three people. For four or more people, you will generally need to upgrade to a larger system. A qualified and knowledgeable plumber will help you to choose the most practical solution for your needs.

Fuel Types

Determining which type of power you need for your water heater is another important consideration to keep in mind. In general, you can choose from one of three primary methods for powering your water heater.

  • Electricity
  • Natural gas
  • Propane

In Queens, the most commonly available power source is electricity. Some properties may also be equipped with natural gas. Your local plumber can provide you with the right recommendations for keeping your costs low and ensuring that you have an adequate amount of hot water for your household.

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