Leaky Water Heater

Why You Might Need a New Water Heater

Here are the five most common reasons why your water heater may need replacement.


One sure sign of a failing water heater is consistent leaks. If you notice puddles of water around your storage tank, there is likely a serious problem. Completely dry the area and return a few hours later. If there is another puddle, that is a sure sign of a leak and you’ll need a repair if the system is fairly new or a replacement if you’ve had it for a few years.


Water heaters don’t last forever. No matter how well-built, you will need to replace your water heater eventually. Luckily, you can prepare for this inevitability. When your system is about 10 years old, you should start looking for a potential replacement. It may seem early, but if you wait too long, your old unit may fail on you.

Recent Additions to Your Home

Our homes change all the time. You may have added more water fixtures to your home, or even added to your family. Either way, if your water usage has increased since your system was installed, you may have outgrown it. Tank storage water heaters are designed for a given level of hot water usage. You may need a bigger tank, or you can consider installing a point-of-use water heater near the application where you use the most hot water.


Thanks to government regulations and constant innovation, water heaters are becoming more efficient each passing year. The space is very competitive and we work with all of the major manufacturers. If you’d like to save on your monthly costs, there is almost certainly a system out there for you.

Switching to Tankless

Storage tank water heaters have been the most popular system for decades, but tankless is slowly gaining market share, according to EnergyStar. If your household doesn’t use much hot water, tankless can drastically cut down your energy usage. Additionally, tankless can eliminate the problem of showers going cold after a few minutes.

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