boiler in home

What Does A Boiler Do?

Heating Up The Home

We’re lucky enough to live during a time when there are dozens of ways to make your home more comfortable. No longer do we rely on fires or coal-burning furnaces to keep us warm during the winter months, now we can simply press a button to get the temperature we desire with the help of a furnace or boiler.

But how much do you know about your boiler? Read on to learn exactly how a boiler works and what it does for your home.

How They Work

We’ve all made enough pasta to know that once it reaches a high enough temperature, water will begin to create steam. Think of your boiler as a large pasta pot without the noodles. Using electricity or gas, water is heated up to create a large amount of steam. This steam then travels through pipes or radiators to heat your home.

Fun Fact: Contrary to what their name suggests, the water in a boiler does not need to come to a boil to create steam.

A boiler heats up your home, can serve as a hot tub or pool heater, and even act as a water heater for your sinks and shower!

Benefits of a Boiler

Water has the ability to heat up faster and retain that heat for longer than air does. This means a forced-air system requires much more energy to heat up a home to the same temperature as a boiler, ultimately costing you more money on utilities.

Additionally, a boiler will heat the home more evenly, reduces indoor air pollutants, and helps keep humidity levels stable.

Boiler Installation and Repairs

If you’re ready to make the efficient switch to a boiler, AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling is the team to help. With a wide variety of boiler types and years of experience, we can get your new heating system up and running efficiently. If your current boiler is giving you some trouble, give us a call at (516) 217-2196 to schedule repairs!