Photo of radiator heating tubes being installed

Why Go With Radiant Heating?

Winter has arrived with big wind chills and flurries of snow. From keeping a fire in the fireplace 24/7 to cranking the thermostat until you start to sweat, you may be searching for the best way to stay warm at home. Skip the piles of blankets and layers of socks this year and invest in radiant heating.

What is it?

Radiant heating is a system of tubes that run underneath your floors, behind the walls, or within your ceilings that heat your entire home. There are two common types of radiant heating: electric and water. With a water system, hot water runs through the pipes to radiate heat, while an electric system heats through wiring.

Whichever system you choose, you’ll find that radiant heating systems have a lot of benefits to offer to homeowners.

Consistent Temperature

Say goodbye to cold spots!

It’s common knowledge that heat rises This means radiant heating in your floor will naturally reach up to the highest space it can find in your room. Radiators tend to heat the space directly in front of them, often missing areas. Radiant heating, however, will keep consistent temperatures throughout the room.

Easy Maintenance

While the installation process can seem extensive and intimidating, that is where the trouble will stop! Once installed, radiant heating will need virtually no maintenance, giving you peace of mind and warm toes for years to come.


By eliminating duct losses, radiant heating is more efficient than forced-air heating. Additionally, radiant heating is consistently run at 84 degrees Fahrenheit or less. Comparatively, a traditional radiator can be heated up to 167 degrees in order to heat a room, using more energy and costing you more!

Ready to Warm up?

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