ductless air conditioner above a TV

Is Ductless Cooling Right for Me?

A ductless mini-split is a viable alternative to a central air system, providing all the comfort of a conventional HVAC unit but with lower energy costs.

Whether or not it’s right for you will depend on several factors. Let’s take a look at how this system may or may not meet your needs.

You Don’t Have Existing Ductwork

If you live in an older home that never had a central air system, having one installed could be a costly and disruptive process. Installing the ductwork to accommodate an HVAC unit will require significant alterations to your home. If you’d like to preserve the historic integrity of your vintage home, ductwork would be out of the question entirely.

In this situation, a ductless system would be your best option. The installation would be fast and unobtrusive and the cost would be comparable to that of a conventional HVAC system and necessary ductwork.

You Need to Replace Your Current HVAC System

If your current system is aging past its usefulness, you could upgrade to ductless heating and cooling. This would give you the advantage of energy savings and quieter operation. However, you’d need several indoor air handlers to ensure whole-home comfort, which means more upfront expenses. It would probably be cheaper to replace your HVAC system with a similar model.

You Absolutely Want Zoning

Again, this is where going ductless would make sense. With multiple indoor air handlers connected to a single compressor outside, you could create zones in your home with varying degrees of temperature. This would finally put an end to the thermostat wars, giving everyone in your household individualized comfort.

You Want the Best of Both

A ductless system can complement your existing central air system. If you’ve recently converted a basement or an attic into a livable space, a ductless unit would provide targeted comfort to that area while operating separately from your HVAC unit. This approach eliminates the need to extend your ductwork to the new space.

Bottom line: Ductless mini-splits provide efficient heating and cooling comfort and flexible installation. If you’re interested in learning more, call AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling at (516) 217-2196.