Woman relaxing on a couch with her ductless HVAC unit behind her.

Is Ductless Worth It in New York?

We love New York City for almost everything besides the costs. It’s so expensive to live here! We all try our best to cut corners where we can and save money, but essentials like heating shouldn’t be sacrificed to save money. So what can we do to make the burden easier? Investing in efficient heating is a great way to lower those monthly costs. A ductless heat pump is potentially the most economical option.

What Is It?

Traditionally, buildings in New York have been heated by boilers and furnaces. Fossil fuels are needed to heat both. A ductless mini-split runs on electricity and importantly transfers heat rather than generating it.

The system is made of an outdoor and indoor unit and can transfer heat between the two. This allows your mini-split to heat and cool your home. Many New Yorkers do not have an air conditioner, so this is an excellent option for the occasional summer day when you want your home to be nice and cool.

You can heat one room with your mini-split or have multiple units spaced throughout your home to give precise control of your entire home’s temperature.

Why Is It Great for New Yorkers?

Efficiency equals savings. You’ll be spending a tiny fraction of what you spend on natural gas for your furnace. If you spend most of your time in your living room or an in-home office, you can install a mini-split and only worry about heating one part of your home. This will save you tons, and you won’t have to burn as much fossil fuels.

Are you considering an addition to your home? Duct installations are expensive and can extract 30% of the heat your furnace generates anyways. Instead, go ductless, and you’ll be done with your heating installation in a day or two at most.

Ductless is a great choice for New Yorkers. If you’re interested in installing one, give AWS a call at (516) 217-2196 or fill out an online contact form.