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What’s Wrong With My Toilet?

You’ve done your business and are ready to get back to your day, but your toilet has other plans in store. A broken toilet can ruin even the best of moods and put your bathroom out of commission for a few days.

But, there are some toilet troubles that, if discovered early enough, can be diagnosed and fixed without the help of a professional. Here are a few common issues and how to take them on!


If things aren’t flushing, there are a couple of different pieces that could be out of sorts. The lift chain in your toilet tank is responsible for opening and closing the flapper which allows the tank to drain.

Your toilet may not be flushing because the chain is too slack or disconnected. This can be fixed by simply tightening or reconnecting it to the flapper!

If the chain looks okay, take a look at the flapper. Over time, they can become damaged and will not create the seal necessary to fill up the tank. This is another simple fix: head to the hardware store and purchase a new flap (they’re very affordable!) and replace it. Always be sure to shut off your water before making a repair!


Are both of these pieces in good shape and your toilet still won’t flush? You may be looking at a clog. A clogged toilet is nothing to be ashamed of and most clogs can be fixed in a flash!

Before going any further, turn off your water with the valve behind the toilet. This step is very important to keep from making a huge, watery mess. Grab your plunger and pump up and down a few times to encourage the clog to work its way out.

Turn the water back on and give it a flush. If all seems well, great job! If not, try again. If after a few tries you’re still unsuccessful, don’t hesitate to contact us for our plumbing services.


A running toilet signifies a draining and filling issue. Like in the flushing section above, take a look at your flapper. If it’s damaged, replace it! If it looks fine, check your water levels. If the water is high, you may need to replace the fill valve.

Like the flapper and chain, a new fill valve is affordable and easy enough to install on your own.

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