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Nassau County Radiant Heat Specialist

Inside a radiant heat system during installation

Nassau County Radiant Heat

Nassau County Radiant Heat Repair & Installation

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Nassau County Radiant Heat Repair & Installation

How does radiant heat work?


The human body loses approximately 400 btu / hr via three methods

  1. The first is through convection. Convection is heat loss as a result of air currents passing over the body. Approximately 30% of our heat loss occurs through this convection.
  2. The second method is through radiation. This is the transfer of energy from a warm surface to a cool one. Approximately 50% of our heat loss occurs as a result of radiation.
  3. The third method is through evaporation. This is heat loss resulting from breathing and evaporation.

Radiant heat increases the room surface area temperatures to reduce heat loss through radiation. Furthermore, radiant heat does not rely on air movement. Thus, approximately 80% of heat loss from a body can be controlled by radiant heat.

Common Questions we can answer:

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Is radiant heat expensive?

Radiant Heat from AWS MechanicalA few factors impact the cost of a radiant job

  1. Size of job: Bigger jobs take more time and in general cost more money.
  2. Types of flooring: Installation methods vary depending on floor type. Carpet and wood floors may require some additional labor that results in a higher installation cost. In general mud floor installations are the least expensive.
  3. Retrofit Applications: Is the floor already down and you are contemplating putting radiant underneath the floor in the ceiling below? This method is generally more labor intensive and drives the price of a job up.
  4. Boiler: Are you doing a large radiant job and contemplating a high efficiency boiler? Perhaps a condensing boiler? This may increase the initial installation cost but will cut down your fuel bill significantly. One should consider how long they are planning to live in their current residence when making such decisions.

It is important to realize that radiant heat is unmatched in comfort! Many people overlook their heating system when budgeting projects in their house.

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