Man working the BBQ

Don't Put These BBQ Foods Down the Drain!

Is there anything more fun than a summer cookout with family and friends? Also, is there anything messier than a summer cookout with family and friends?

Once the fun has been had and it's time to clean up, be careful with where you dispose of what. Your garbage disposal unit is a convenient appliance for discarding some food items, but certainly not all.

These remnants of your barbecue smorgasbord shouldn’t go anywhere near your garbage disposal or sink drain.


An important thing to keep out of your garbage disposal that many believe is fine to put in there is grease. This mistake is due to its liquidy nature. However, once grease coagulates, it sticks to the interior drain wall and decreases flow. The result often requires a professional drain cleaning.


Any sort of bones, including ribs, must go into the garbage or a compost bin. Putting them into your garbage disposal will result in that device struggling to break them down and possibly causing severe damage to its blades. Those that do get past those blades will often clog your drains.


The non-skin parts of potatoes shouldn't be a problem for your garbage disposal, but any accompanying skins are. This is because they tend to clump together into a paste-like substance since they're so starchy.


Corn in and of itself should be okay to go down a garbage disposal, but corn husks should go nowhere near one. They're too fibrous and will likely tangle up the inner workings. This is also true of celery and other stringy foods.


Any sort of pasta that's been served at your barbecue should also go straight into the garbage. This is because of its starchiness and ability to expand when wet, causing a stubborn blockage.

Bottom line: Your garbage disposal is a sturdy appliance but it has its limitations. To keep it and your drains in good working order, throw barbecue scraps in the garbage or compost them. For reliable drain cleaning and video inspection services, turn to the experts at AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling. To schedule your appointment, call (516) 217-2196