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Furnace vs. Space Heating

For New Yorkers, December is just the beginning of winter. Slushy streets and snowstorms come and stay well through the new year, keeping us on our very chilly toes.

As you hunker down in your home, you’re likely trying to find the best way to keep warm this season. This could lead to the question: should I be using my furnace or a space heater?

Here is our take on the heating debate.


It can be challenging to compare costs between a furnace and space heaters as one is powered by gas and the other by electricity. To spare you from the confusing conversions, we’ll cut to the chase: On average, it costs about four times more to heat using space heaters rather than your furnace.

This is not to say that the space heater is out of the running entirely. If you spend most of your time in one room and only need to heat that space, a space heater is the way to go — just turn your thermostat down for the whole house, and you’ll save on your energy bill.

Things to Consider

With all that said, keep these factors in mind when heating your home:

  • The age of your heater - the newer it is, the more efficient it will be
  • Adequate fire detection - have fire detectors installed wherever using a space heater as this home comfort device can be a fire hazard
  • With space heaters, avoid - using extension cords, placing near flammables, and leaving it unattended in a room

Furthermore, consider pricing and efficiency, and always be sure to follow the best safety practices. Ultimately, choose whichever method makes you feel the most comfortable in your home.

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