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4 Gifts to Give Your Friend Who is Always Cold

The Weather Outside is Frightful!

The time has come to begin searching for the perfect holiday present for your loved ones. You may be sneakily figuring out their shoe size or checking out their online wish-lists to find something they’ll truly love.

We all have friends who are all about the latest gadgets or the newest fashion trends, but what should you be wrapping up for the friend of yours who is always complaining about how cold they are?

As the home comfort experts, we here at AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling know a thing or two about staying warm. Here is our list of items that are sure to make your chilly friend feel nice and cozy.

New Socks

If you’re like us, long gone are the days of childhood when opening a pair of socks on Christmas morning is met with a tinge of disappointment. New socks as an adult are a cozy gift that you’ll be wearing all day! Your friends will love the different fabrics, patterns, and how warm and toasty their toes will feel.

An Electric Blanket

When a typical blanket just won't cut it for your friend, take it one step further by getting them an electric blanket. It is sure to warm them up in no time! Just remind them to follow the safety instructions on the tag to avoid a fire hazard.

A Portable Heater

You most likely aren’t willing to spend the money on a brand new furnace for your friend's house, so go smaller with a portable heater! This is a great gift for them to keep close in the living room, or even at their office. Keep in mind these portable heater safety tips:

  • Never leave it unattended when on.
  • Keep children and pets away from it.
  • Do not plug it into an extension cord.
  • Make sure it is not close to furniture, blankets, or curtains.

An AWS Gift

If your spouse is the one who is always complaining about the thermostat settings, consider a gift from the AWS team. A protection plan from us will keep your HVAC system running smoothly all winter and summer long! Give us a call at (516) 217-2196, or contact us online to get shopping.