Woman changing thermostat

5 Cooling Myths

True or False?

You know what they say: don’t believe everything you hear! There are many theories out there about HVAC and temperature control that claim to help homeowners more efficiently cool their homes, but can they actually save you energy and money?

Read on to discover some of the cooling myths we recommend you don’t work into your daily routine.

Lower Temperature = Faster Cooling

Your HVAC can only cool or warm up your home at one speed, and no amount of temperature adjusting on the thermostat can change that! In fact, lowering the temperature will only keep your system on for longer, ultimately costing you more money.

Thermostat Location Doesn’t Matter

Your thermostat measures the temperature of your home based on where it is located. This means if it is placed on a wall that gets hit with direct sunlight for 2 hours a day, your temperature control will be affected! When installing your thermostat, be sure to consider windows and doors.

Leaving the AC on Will Save

There is an idea that leaving the air conditioning on while you’re out of the house is cheaper than turning it off and on again. Cooling your home while away unnecessarily wastes energy and costs you more. This is why many homeowners rely on a programmable thermostat to adjust temperatures according to their family’s schedule.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Believe it or not, one size does not fit all when it comes to your HVAC unit. A system that is too large for your home could be using more energy than necessary to cool down your smaller home. The opposite could be said for a unit that is too small for your large home. Be sure your HVAC team is properly installing the correct unit!

Closing Vents Saves Money

While it seems closing a vent to unused rooms would keep the cool air flowing to other rooms in the house, a closed vent will actually encourage the unit to work harder to cool the blocked off room. This results in a harder working system and a spike in energy bills.

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