Plumbing tools on table

DIY or Call a Plumber?

Some Things Should be Left to the Pros

No matter how handy you or your spouse may think you are, there are some home projects that the average homeowner should not take on without the skills a professional possesses. Like a dentist, electrician, or engineer, your plumber has been properly trained and licensed to do the dirty work on your home that you cannot.

Read on to discover which projects you can take a swing at, as well as the ones you’re better off picking up the phone and calling in the plumber for!


Roll up your sleeves and maybe pull on some rubber gloves, it’s time to do-it-yourself!

Running Toilet

A toilet problem that affects bathrooms everywhere is the running toilet. This constant flow of water can not only cause an irritating sound, but it can waste a large amount of water, ultimately hiking your water bills up.

A common cause of this is a broken or loose flapper in the tank. Head to the hardware store and pick up an inexpensive new flapper, turn off the water supply to your toilet, and simply replace the broken piece.

Drain Trap Cleaning and Clogs

Another job you can take care of, albeit not very glamorous, is cleaning out the drain trap. These can quickly become full and clogged, causing slow drains. Empty the trap or replace it for free flowing water once again.

You’ll also have free flowing water down your drains when you clear a clog yourself! If the clog is small, you’ll be able to clear it with the help of hot water, vinegar, baking soda, and a drain snake. There are, however, some clogs that have a bit more power over your pipes and therefore require the help of a professional!


To avoid a major mess, poorly installed fixtures and appliances, and large bills to pay, you should never try to attempt these plumbing projects on your own:

Our plumbers will be happy to help you take any major plumbing work off your hands, it’s their job after all! Give AWS Plumbing, Heating & Cooling a call at (516) 217-2196 to discuss your needs.